Mens Equinox Short Sleeve Tee

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Elevate your style and comfort with the Mens Equinox Short Sleeve Tee. Available in 5 appealing colors, this tee features a printed logo and is crafted from responsibly sourced BCI Cotton blended with polyester single jersey fabric. This combination creates an ultra-soft tee that maintains its shape, providing comfort no matter the activity. The tee is equipped with H2X-DRY® moisture management technology to wick moisture away from the skin, ensuring optimal body comfort. Additionally, it boasts a UPF Rating of 30+ to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Combine comfort, sustainability, and style in one versatile tee.

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Mens Equinox Short Sleeve Tee: Where Comfort Meets Conscious Style

Introducing the Men’s Equinox Short Sleeve Tee – an embodiment of comfort, sustainability, and practical style. Whether you’re embracing an active day outdoors or seeking casual comfort in your daily routine, this tee is designed to ensure your comfort remains uncompromised. With 5 captivating colors to choose from, it’s more than just a tee – it’s your canvas for confident comfort.

Responsibly Crafted, Uncompromised Comfort

The Men’s Equinox Short Sleeve Tee is thoughtfully crafted from responsibly sourced BCI Cotton blended with polyester single jersey fabric. This conscious choice reflects not only our commitment to the environment but also guarantees you an ultra-soft tee that maintains its shape, offering enduring comfort regardless of your pursuits.

Moisture Management for Comfort

Featuring H2X-DRY® moisture management technology, this tee actively draws moisture away from your skin. Whether you’re on the move or engaged in daily activities, this technology ensures that your body remains optimally comfortable, promoting a sense of well-being even during active hours.

Sun Protection, Stylishly Assured

With a UPF Rating of 30+, the Men’s Equinox Short Sleeve Tee takes your comfort and protection to the next level. Shield your skin from the sun’s rays without compromising your style. It’s a tee that not only complements your look but also ensures your well-being.

Elevate your style, embrace sustainability, and redefine the essence of comfortable, practical fashion with the Men’s Equinox Short Sleeve Tee. Explore the array of 5 attractive colors and experience a tee that’s as versatile as it is reliable.

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Choose a Colour, Black, Mineral, Steel Blue, Dolphin, White, Rust Heather, Ice Blue Heather, Sage Green Heather


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